"To serve and protect, MY ASS!"

When I was 19 years old, I got drunk at a party. I passed out upstairs after it got late. To my horror, I awoke looking up at a 6'7" Michigan State Trooper. He was gently kicking me in the chest. I was then brought down into the "containment area" where the others were being detained. I was to serve as an example for anyone that did not cooperate with the breathalyzer test. At the top of the lungs the officer shouted "you must blow into this tube as hard as you can, RIGHT NOW!" I blew as little air as possible into the tube, and then smiled. But the smile quickly left my face when I felt the force of a 6'7, 250 lb. State Trooper slam me against a brick wall. After nearly loosing conciseness, I then decided to cooperate. I had a large lump on the back of my head. This was my first personal experience with police abuse.

On top of all the unnecessary protection laws, like seat belts, helmets, open intox for passengers, officers are often angry, violent and abusive. They were probably beaten or molested as children.

I was traveling over 5mph over the speed limit one day, when an officer pulled me over. He ordered me out of the vehicle, told me to stand in front of his police car, as he began to molest me without my permission, feeling my pockets and asking me what I had in them. Justifying himself by saying he smelled the strong aroma of marijuana, which I had never smoked in the vehicle at all. It's this type of police activity that makes me truly ashamed to be an American.

Why people put up with abusive police is beyond my understanding. -coaxcutter

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